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The Eduhelp Foundation is a Section 21 non profit organisation that was founded at the beginning of 2012 by the Circus Circus Group of Restaurants. Its main aim is to assist with the Education needs of those in disadvantaged communities.

When thinking about the “new generation” currently attending school, we realise that these young people will be the new leaders of our beautiful country.

Therefore, education is our first choice as a charity initiative as education is considered to be one of the solutions to almost all of our problems in South Africa including:   

  • A lack of Family and Social Values
  • Skills Shortage
  • Crime
  • Poverty
  • Corruption
  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Pollution and other Environmental concerns

  Some of the problems facing our schools in South Africa are as follows:

  • Lack of classrooms/overcrowding
  • Lack of Libraries/Media Centre
  • Undernourishment of Pupils
  • Lack of Office Equipment and Stationery
  • Lack of Sporting Facilities
  • Lack of Security

Within our diverse population mix we have some outstanding talent.  If we, in some small yet significant way, can begin to harness this talent then we are on the right track to making a meaningful difference both in the lives of young children and in the growth and prosperity of our Nation.

So what Initiatives or Projects do we have in mind to assist those who require our help?

Adopt an Education

We are supporting 75 children from Mafumbuka High School.  We are encouraging individuals to sponsor one of these young adults by donating a once-off amount of money towards the welfare and education of that particular child. The amount per sponsorship required is R650 per child. Click here if you'd like to get involved.

Feeding Scheme

We have adopted Mafumbuka High School in Umlazi as our pilot project. There are approximately 860 pupils at this co-ed school from Grade 8 to 12 and the Principal informs us that he has some very talented youngsters in his midst. The sad part is that there are 100 children at this school who are not able to bring any form of lunch/food to school. These children are fed daily by the school and once a week they receive a “hot” nourishing meal courtesy of our Restaurant Chain.

Building a Library

The school is in dire need of a Library / Media centre and when we raise the money required for this project then the children will be the beneficiaries.  Our intention is to “sell a brick” and the initial cost of this will be R5 per brick. It is hoped that this will be supported by both the Public at large and our Corporate colleagues. This is a long term goal of ours but we are hoping to raise close to R1m for this project.

Other areas of importance are the development of the School’s grounds where we are keen to establish a netball court and a soccer field. The space is available but the authorities are unable to offer any assistance so the School, leaving the school to create their own grounds. This is something we also intend to develop further in the future but for the moment the above three projects will take preference.

The Eduhelp dream to improve our country through these projects is a big one, but can be realised by working together to a brighter future.  We are committed and enthusiastic about Eduhelp and hope you will be too.


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